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Our Procurement Services At A Glance

In procurement, expertise drives insight and insight drives value.

Having a good understanding of the categories, suppliers and business priorities is critical to achieving rapid time-to-value and maximizing potential savings.

Achieving excellence in procurement is vital to remain competitive and profitable over the long term.

We offer a variety of solutions that can help reduce total cost of ownership, streamline your procurement processes, improve your organizational structure and create a competitive advantage for your business.

Negotiation training

Negotiation is the essential task of every procurement organization. It has a critical influence on the profitability and market value of the company. At Deicher Consulting we provide development programs, negotiation preparation and training for your teams. Benefit from our experience in holding negotiation trainings with a tailored solution for your teams.

Supply chain management

Our holistic procurement and supply chain management consulting approach is designed to develop customized solutions for your company. A potential analysis enables us to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, determine optimization potential to reduce cost and increase your profits. We develop and establish optimized procurement processes and organizational structures.

Project Management

Agile project management opens up new opportunities for business growth. It can reduce your costs, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks. Project Management is all about the effective management of change. We offer a systematic and proven approach to managing and controlling different types of projects that will provide added value to your company. Contact us to evaluate your project landscape.


As cost pressure increases across all industries, outsourcing of manufacturing is one key initiative to reduce cost of goods sold. Have you considered outsourcing manufacturing and other functions of your supply chain to contract manufacturers or electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers yet? We are experts on the contract manufacturing market and your ideal partner to successfully outsource your product.


Our expertise and experience encompass a number of key sectors, including:


After 20 years in procurement and supply chain functions in the Health Care industry, the idea of Deicher Consulting was born. Our goal is to share our experience in successfully transitioning procurement organizations to best in class standards: More productivity, higher quality, regulatory compliance and optimized total cost of ownership.

As endurance athletes we understand that it requires commitment, persistence and precision to cross the finish line. The same core values apply for our company.

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